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Since I was a new employee, everyone organized a party to welcome me. Next to me is Mr. Aizawa, the receptionist. I didn't know she was such a beautiful girl. Aizawa is very popular in the company and everyone wants to date her. Since I was a freshman, my seniors have often advised me to drink alcohol. I couldn't refuse, so I got a little drunk and passed out. When I woke up, Mr. Aizawa was naked at the hotel next to me! At that moment, Mr. Aizawa also woke up and said that it was because he forcibly dragged him into the hotel and took possession of his body. I couldn't believe my ears! Am I not that person? I already have a girlfriend, what should I do!?? Just then, my girlfriend called, I quickly answered the phone and lied that I was raising two children with my colleagues. Meanwhile, Mr. Aizawa went to suck my cock, licked me all over and actively thrust my cock as far as it could go! I couldn't resist Mr. Aizawa's strong charm, and I loved him all night and until the next morning... As a result, I couldn't get out of bed, and I couldn't even take a day off from work. As with any new employee, I was later told by a colleague…

The drunk young man was taken to the hotel by the employee

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